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Is there anything more frustrating than having plans to build your new, energy efficient, SIP project but you can’t find a builder or SIP installer? Many an Insulspan customer has faced this unfortunate problem and has had to delay their project as a result. While structural insulated panels (SIPs) have been around for decades, many builders are not familiar with their benefits. They are either unfamiliar with structural insulated panels or are not comfortable building with them. However, there are companies that not only build with SIPs, they promote them. At Insulspan®, we have a solution to the problem of finding a SIP builder or installer–the Insulspan Builder Coalition™. Through the Builder Coalition™, potential customers can connect directly with a builder or installer.

What Is The Insulspan Builder Coalition™?

The Insulspan Builder Coalition™ is a community of builders and SIP installers who are knowledgeable about SIP construction, promote energy efficient building, and work in North America. Insulspan formed this group as a resource for potential customers who have a SIP project and need a builder. Each builder or installer has agreed to construct the SIP project according to the Insulspan Installation Manual. They will also have the full support of our sales staff and design department.

How Do I Find The Right Builder Or Installer For Me?

So that each customer can connect with a builder or SIP installer regardless of their location, Insulspan has recruited Builder Coalition™ members from all over North America. When a customer visits the Insulspan Builder Coalition™ page and clicks on the state or province in which they plan to build, they will see which builders work in that area. From there, they can directly contact their builder or SIP installer of choice without any middlemen slowing them down.

Why Should I Work With A Builder Coalition™ Member?

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By working with a Builder Coalition™ member, you will benefit from their SIP experience combined with the full support of Insulspan. First, your Builder Coalition™ builder or SIP installer can help you get a free quote from Insulspan so you know exactly what your SIP panels will cost ahead of time. Then, Insulspan’s design team will create optimized and detailed SIP drawings based on your architectural drawings. Do your plans use stick framing? No problem. Insulspan has the capability to convert stick framing to panelized construction through our in-house design. We can even coordinate engineering of your plans, if needed.

Tim Horton's SIP Roof

Insulspan’s SIP building system uses a quality-controlled manufacturing process. During this manufacturing process, Insulspan machines precisely cut each panel according to the specifications created from your plans. When the ready-to-assemble panels are delivered to your job site, they are labeled, have lumber installed, and wire chases cut. The detailed SIP drawings used to manufacture your panels will accompany them to the job site offering your builder detailed instructions.

When it comes to building your energy efficient home, Insulspan understands the importance of making the process run smoothly. That is why we have created the Builder Coalition™. Working with one of our Builder Coalition™ members ensures a qualified, knowledgeable builder or SIP installer who will construct a properly built SIP home that you can enjoy for years to come.

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