Hear What Others Think About Insulspan® SIPs

The best testament to our quality products and high level of service comes from those we have served—our clients themselves. Read a few experiences written by previous Insulspan customers, including homeowners and professional partners. Some comments focus on the comfort of a SIP home while others write about the easy installation of Insulspan® Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Of course, more than one satisfied client writes about the high energy efficiency of their SIP structure.

We know that reading results, reviewing building methodologies, and comparing differences between other products and other manufacturers, helps you make the best decision for your home or commercial building project. It helps us too. We never stop innovating and improving, and your feedback is vital to our continued growth and success. Are you an Insulspan client? We would love to hear your SIP story. Contact us to share!

Homeowners Write About Insulspan SIPs

“My spring electric bill is $60 for the whole house. I’d highly recommend going with panels.”

Owner of a 2,700-square-foot home in Ohio

“Some people dream of exotic vacations; we dream of staying home and enjoying our Insulspan lake home.”

Tom & Cathy Bloomer

“We have owned 10 different homes, all in states with similar weather conditions as Michigan. States like New York, northern Ohio, northern Illinois and Wisconsin. We built our retirement home here in Michigan using ‘SIPs Panel’ on all levels of the home.

“Like most people who have not lived in an all ‘SIPs Panel’ home, we questioned using panels on the lower walk out level. Our experience has been just what we were advised that it would be, the most comfortable lower level that we have ever owned.

“We are extremely pleased with our ‘SIPs Panel’ home. It is the most comfortable, efficient home that we have owned and since it is our retirement home, that is important to us.”

– John and Geri Johansen, Gowen, Michigan

“If I had to do it all over again, there would be no question in my mind that I would use Insulspan again.”

– Ryan Barlage

“My husband, Jeff and I built our home using Insulspan SIP Panels. I just wanted to let you know how easily we were able to assemble your product, and we have bragged about your product to many people. We were able to put the lower walls up in a day, and the roof took about 3 days. Thank you again for a great product.”

– Linda Moser

“By using the Insulspan panels, we were able to do so much more with our design and really make our home what we wanted.”

– Robert F.

“All the panels went together very well. Thanks to Insulspan for all the help and a fine home!”

– Don and Linda Bitnar

“Your service was excellent and timely. I am very satisfied with Insulspan’s materials and desire to help toward making this project successful.”

– Roy Watson

“We are very happy with Insulspan, and we are confident that our home is top quality because of all the excellent care you gave at every point. You have a very happy customer here!”

– David & Susan Hart

“After having lived in my house for over 8 years, I have had no regrets on my choice for the wall structure and insulation. If I ever plan to build again, I would not hesitate to use the same construction or to have CES build it.”

– Roger Haag, Muskegon, MI.

“There were other SIP manufacturers out there but Insulspan seemed to have the best quality product. Another thing that put Insulspan above some of the rest is that they cut out the window/door openings and put wire chases in the SIP. This was very helpful as it required no cutting to construct the exterior of the home.

“It made sense to go with the Insulspan SIP because there is little or no waste during framing and the house is ultimately air tight, which is one of the main factors in an energy efficient home.”

– Eric Holder, South Carolina

“Part of the advantage of Insulspan products is that they magnify the efficiency of the home. Insulspan SIPs allow us to achieve the airtightness to make the home and the HVAC system work correctly.”

– Richard Wyne

“I’m very pleased with the Insulspan panels. This is a great product and I’m glad I found out about them. Thanks again for your help.”

– David Wisdom

“Insulspan is extremely energy efficient and also easy to put together.”

– Sharon S., homeowner

“We are very happy with Insulspan, and we are confident that our home is top quality because of all the excellent care you gave at every point. You have a very happy customer here!”

– David and Susan Hart

“Our 3600-square-foot stressed skin structural panel home was built in 1994. A small, natural gas hot water boiler heats the home and domestic hot water. There are no drafts or cold spots anywhere in the house or basement. The high R-value also keeps the interior cool in hot weather. Outside noise is greatly reduced.

“Our heating bills are always low. For example, the monthly heating cost for January 2004 was $74.35. We strongly recommend this type of construction based on our ten years of year around comfort and money saving experience.”

– Frank & Rosemary Andersen, Montague, MI

“This is just a note telling you how very satisfied we are with our home. It is made very economical. We have been living in it for nine years. In that time period, we have made at least four or five mortgage payments just from the propane we saved.

“We had some hesitation about building this type of construction, but nine years later I wouldn’t do it any other way. I recommend this type of construction to anyone who would like to save substantial money on utilities.”

– Bill and Lou McDonald, Gowen, MI.

Builders & Architects Write About Insulspan SIPs

“You were amazing to deal with from the first day we visited [Insulspan’s] factory and site right through order, delivery (ON time) and follow through… Insulspan [is] great to work with and we really appreciate everything to date.”

– Chad Moen, Highstreet Ventures Inc.

“The quality of the panels in lamination and cutting accuracy, the thoroughness, the attention to detail, from accessories to delivery; Insulspan has always had a philosophy of taking care of the details through all of it. I loved having the confidence that if I did my part right, they did their part right. Having a partner like Insulspan when doing SIPs is a no-brainer. Those guys have it down and know how to make panels well.”

Chris Marr

“… I look forward to working with Insulspan again.”

– Ron C., Builder

“I couldn’t believe how easily and quickly the panels came together, especially the roof panels.”

– Steve C. Cross Development

“The aesthetics of the cabins, combined with the energy performance, drove me away from conventional construction to Insulspan panels. As an owner, when you’re paying the energy bills, efficiency matters.”

– Joe G., Legacy Golf Course and Island Resort

“The SIPs easily met or exceeded our heavy snow loads and earthquake code requirements. Furthermore, once the panels come off the truck they can be assembled in a fraction of the time required to stick-frame a comparable building.”

– Paul D., Architect & Homeowner

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