Lunch & Learns: A Great Way to Learn About SIPs

If you are an architect or designer, there are a few important reasons why you should learn more about structural insulated panels (SIPs). First, SIPs are a superior building product that creates high quality, green, and energy efficient structures. Secondly, an increasing number of people are requesting homes and buildings designed and constructed using SIPs. These homeowners want to work with an architect that is knowledgeable about structural insulated panels. Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, as cities introduce more stringent building codes aimed at energy efficiency, building with SIPs becomes a great way to meet and exceed these codes. For these reasons and more, Insulspan is proud to present a series of Lunch & Learns. The series will teach you about the structural, time, and energy saving advantages of designing with SIPs all while you enjoy a tasty lunch provided by us.”

Insulspan’s Lunch & Learns cover topics such as:

The Sustainability of Structural Insulated Panels

Advantages of Designing with SIPs

SIP Design Considerations

Insulspan Lunch & Learns provide Architects and Designers with courses such as:

Residential Design with SIPs

Course Description: In this course, you will learn the benefits of designing with SIPs for residential applications. You will gain a better understanding of SIP applications, assembly, and detailing to maximize their energy efficiency and durability.

Commercial Design with SIPs

Course Description: Through case study examples, your presenter will discuss the benefits of commercial building design with SIPs. These benefits include energy savings, waste minimization, and other sustainable contributions. During the presentation, you and your team will gain a better understanding of how to properly utilize SIPs. This includes sound and fire ratings, energy code compliance, thermal characteristics, air quality, and construction methods and specs.

Getting to Zero Energy with SIPs: Rocky Mountain Institute Case Study

Course Description: Using a best-in-class case study about the Rocky Mountain Institute, you will learn about the fundamentals of SIPs and examine the role SIPs play in passive integrative design.

All of these courses are a part of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education Program and offer one Health Safety & Welfare (HSW) CE hour.

We offer all three courses either in-person or via live webinar with a live Q&A session. Interested? Let’s talk to coordinate which option will work best for your team and location. Click or tap the link to sign up today!


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