Expert SIP Services in Drafting, Pre-Cutting, Building Installation, and On-Site Advising

Not only do we consistently deliver a superior, industry-leading product, our wide-range of services offer greater value to homeowners, builders, architects, and specifiers. Our services can reduce construction time, labor costs, and job site waste while helping to produce a stronger, straighter, and more energy efficient finished product.

Take advantage of our many services, including:

Design Drafting Assistance

Our talented designers can assist you with your design, panel options, and construction details. Contact us early in your project to take advantages of all the services Insulspan has to offer. Insulspan’s HSB AutoCAD system enables a streamlined process from design to production with precision-cut manufacturing capabilities.

SIP Panel CutPre-Cutting

Panels can be pre-cut to size in our manufacturing facility. Cuts include rakes, eaves, bevel cuts, and door, window and skylight openings. Factory-cut panels can shorten construction time, minimize the potential for mistakes, reduce job site waste, and enclose your building faster. Panels are cut on Insulspan’s computer-controlled machinery with precision, speed, and accuracy.

On-Site Advisors

You have the option to have an experienced Insulspan technician on-site to assist you with the installation of your SIPs. With minimal training, one day in most cases, your crew will be ready to proceed. Or, choose to have an advisor with you throughout the entire panel installation.

Expert Installation

Short on time or help? No problem. We can provide an experienced crew to install the panels for you, in certain situations.

Other Services

If you need help with the design of your new home, Insulspan can help. Check out our Preferred Architects & Designers.

Insulspan’s complete line services helps add value to your bottom line.

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