How to Get to Net Zero with SIPs

Building with Insulspan® Structural Insulated Panels is a perfect way to get you closer to your goals of building a net zero structure. A net zero structure is a home or commercial building which is able to return as much energy to the grid as it takes from the grid resulting in a net zero energy bill over the course of the year.

In order to successfully achieve a net zero home or building, you will need a method for generating your own energy. The more energy your building consumes, the more energy you will need to generate. So it stands to reason that the best way to minimize the amount of energy you will need to generate is to build a more efficient home from the start. This is where Insulspan SIPs can help you meet your energy-efficient goals.

A home or building with an Insulspan SIP shell provides a tight, energy-efficient thermal envelope. Not only will you reap the benefits of less energy use overall, you can also save on the installation of your alternative energy source. For instance, you can reduce the number of solar panels needed as compared to the owner of a less efficient building.

Homeowner Focus

While working toward a net zero lifestyle doesn’t have to happen all at once, incorporating a well-insulated building envelope with Insulspan SIPs into your home is the most important first step towards your goal of a net zero home. Not only do EPS SIPs offer a higher R-value than a stick-framed wall with batt insulation, they also increase the air tightness of the home by up to 40%. Keeping conditioned air in your home through reduced air leakage is extremely important when you are generating all the power needed to condition the air in the first place.

If you stop at this point, your home is considered net zero ready. There are many reasons to complete your net zero home immediately and an equal number of reasons to wait. Here are a couple reasons why some people wait to complete their net zero home.

  1. By waiting to add the energy generation piece of the net zero home, homeowners can measure the actual energy usage to get a baseline.
  2. Incorporating energy generation items can be expensive and waiting allows you to spread the costs out over time.

Whether you make your home net zero now or in ten years, make sure that you discuss your goals with your home’s designer during the design phase. For instance, if solar is the plan, you must have enough room on your south-facing roof to capture the optimal amount of sunlight. Also, by discussing your net zero goal during design, you can ensure that the SIPs have a chase cut for the future wiring and that your mechanical room has space for a future ac/dc inverter.

Builder Focus

Clients focused on net zero building may know that the cost to build will be slightly higher; however, they will still want to minimize those costs. Insulspan SIPs deliver cost-effective energy efficiency without requiring time-consuming application of multiple types of insulation in a typical stud wall.

Insulspan SIPs have been a part of numerous net-zero ready homes and buildings during our decades in business. We have the expertise and experience to help you meet the unique needs of your clients, and we are here to help.

Going Off Grid

Are you building a home that will be located off the electrical grid? The biggest difference between trying to break even, or get to net zero, and disconnecting completely from the grid is that you are completely reliant on yourself to produce enough energy to run your home. You may choose renewable sources like solar and wind or non-renewable options like propane tanks and generators.

Insulspan offers a variety of SIP thicknesses and EPS insulation core choices which reach extremely high R-values. In addition, Insulspan SIPs offer an increased air-tightness over stick framing which can result in up to a 40% reduction in air leakage. You may choose to build with Insulspan SIPs if you would like to reduce your dependence on personal energy generation even further.

Take a look at our wide range of construction applications and give us a call to see how we can help you build green with this award-winning technology.

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