Installation Guide & Assembly Details

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All the technical information you will find here in this section is compiled to help your next Insulspan SIP project run as smooth as possible. Our extensive Installation Guide is easy to use and includes detailed images to walk you through the process. Assembly details are also provided to specify integral connection details. If you need CAD details for inclusion in your construction drawings, please contact us to request the electronic files.

This technical information is intended only for design and building officials who are working with Insulspan products.

For individual assembly details, click on the sections below.

100.01 SIP Drop Wall/Deck
100.01A SIP Drop Wall/Deck
100.02 SIP Wall/Deck
100.02A SIP Wall/Deck/Joist Parallel
100.02B SIP Wall/Deck
100.03 SIP Wall/Slab
100.04 SIP Drop Wall/Deck/ICF
100.05 SIP Wall/Deck/ICF
100.05A SIP Wall/Deck/Joist Parallel/ICF
100.06 SIP Wall/SIP Floor
100.06A SIP Drop Wall/SIP Floor
100.07 SIP Wall/SIP Floor/Beam
100.07A SIP Wall/SIP Floor/Steel Beam

200.01 SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Hanger
200.01A SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Hanger
200.02 SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Perpendicular
200.02A SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Parallel

200.03 SIP Wall Corner
200.04 SIP Wall Corner/Timber Frame
200.04A SIP Wall Corner/Timber Frame/Foam Gap
200.05 SIP Wall Inside Corner/Timber Frame
200.05A SIP Wall Inside Corner/Timber Frame/Foam Gap
200.06 SIP Wall Angled Corner
200.06A SIP Wall Angled Corner/Overlay
200.07 SIP Wall/Partition Wall
200.07A SIP Wall/Partition Wall
200.08 SIP Wall/Partition Wall

300.01 SIP Wall/Roof/Square Cut Eave
300.01A SIP Wall/Roof/Blocking/Square Cut Eave
300.02 SIP Wall/Roof/Plumb Cut Eave
300.02A SIP Wall/Roof/Blocking/Plumb Cut Eave
300.03 SIP Wall/Pre-Engineered Wood Trusses
300.04 SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Square Cut Eave
300.04A SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Foam Gap/Square Cut Eave
300.05 SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Plumb Cut Eave
300.05A SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Foam Gap/Plumb Cut Eave
300.06 SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Square Cut Eave
300.06A SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Foam Gap/Square Cut Eave
300.07 SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Plumb Cut Eave
300.07A SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Foam Gap/Plumb Cut Eave
300.08 ICF Wall/SIP Roof/Square Cut Eave
300.09 ICF Wall/SIP Roof/Plumb Cut Eave
300.10 SIP Wall/Roof/Rake
300.11 SIP Wall/Roof/Timber Frame/Rake
300.11A SIP Wall/Roof/Timber Frame/Foam Gap/Rake

300.21 SIP Roof/Ridge Beam/Ridge Plates
300.21A SIP Roof/Rafter/Ridge Plates
300.22 SIP Roof/Ridge Beam/Two Part Foam
300.23 SIP Roof/Ridge Beam/Overlay

300.31 SIP Roof/Valley Beam/Valley Plates
300.32 SIP Roof/Valley Beam/Expanding Foam

300.41 SIP Joints/Beam/OSB Surface Spline
300.41A SIP Joints/Beam/InsulSpline
300.42 SIP Panel/Intermediate Beam

400.01 SIP Joint/Single Lumber Spline
400.02 SIP Joint/OSB Surface Spline
400.03 SIP Joint/InsulSpline
400.04 SIP Joint/Double Lumber Spline
400.05 SIP Joint/Wood I-Joist Spline
400.06 SIP Joint/Single 4x Lumber Spline
400.07 SIP Wall End Connection Details

400.11 Opening/Lumber Header
400.12 Opening/SIP Header
400.13 Small Opening Inside Panel
400.14 Opening Insulated Header
400.15 Skylight Opening

Need more information regarding load charts and calculations? Review our technical information bulletins.

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