Advantages of Building with SIPs

The Insulspan® SIP System is an industry leading ready-to-assemble (RTA) system that gives builders a competitive edge over traditional stick frame construction. SIPs consist of a core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation with engineered oriented strand board (OSB) laminated to the top and bottom faces. The structural strength and quality that SIPs bring to construction is impressive. Building with SIPs also provides design flexibility, offering many interesting architectural possibilities.

Structural Strength of SIPs

SIPs have structural properties similar to that of a steel I-beam. This is because Insulspan SIP systems consist of solid core, pre-cut SIP panels manufactured to your exact computer-drawn specifications. The rigid insulation core of the SIP acts as a web and the sheathing function as flanges. The continuous structural lamination of the EPS insulation to the OSB offers strength and resistance to impact. In fact, SIPs have proven performance during extreme weather conditions and natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

SIPs are so structurally sound that the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse division writes that, during a tornado, SIPs work better than two by fours or stick framing because there are very few seams and gaps in the walls compared to stick framing.

Structural roof sections and floors also use SIPs. Our comprehensive ready-to-assemble system approach to the construction of your structure is what distinguishes us from the competition.

Insulspan SIP Design Flexibility

While the Insulspan SIP system enhances structural strength and structural durability, SIPs additionally offer superior design flexibility. The composition of the laminated performance-rated oriented strand board (OSB) allows buildings to be designed using less dimensional lumber. And, because SIPs can span large distances, interesting and unique design opportunities are available for homeowners and architects to explore.

Because of the size and strength of SIPs, a significant expanse in a structure can be spanned. In turn, more design flexibility in those spaces exists than with traditional stick framing.

From vaulted volume spaces to deep overhangs and larger open spaces, SIPS conform well to various architectural styles. And they do so without compromising structural strength. Little makes designing and building a large, open space more easily attainable than SIPs.

Quality SIP Construction

You cannot build a quality residential or commercial building if you start with sub-par materials. It’s why Insulspan SIP manufacturing uses a quality management system (QMS). We start with detailed drawings, using exacting specifications from our design team. Those specifications are sent to our CNC machines, resulting in precisely cut panels for your project.

Our quality construction process also helps you on the job site. An Installation Guide and assembly details are available for reference. In addition, we offer the services of an on-site advisor, if desired. The result? Decreased subcontractor costs, and a longer lasting, higher quality structure.

Remember, Insulspan SIPs can arrive pre-cut and ready to install. This means a faster installation, with far fewer on-the-fly calculations, is possible. With little to no extemporaneous calculations, there is less room for error. The result? The quality of your construction increases.

Learn more about the superior strength and greater design flexibility that Insulspan SIPs can offer.

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