Choosing Insulspan® SIPs for Your Community Building Project

Insulspan has extensive experience working with a variety of groups to create unique community projects. These projects, and yours, benefit from using our SIP systems. We have provided nailbase roof panels for schools, SIP enclosures for timber frame churches, and highly energy efficient panels for community centers and recreation spaces. Our team invites you to discuss your project goals with us. Learn how Insulspan can assist with your community building. Together, we review our material costs and possible cost offsets resulting from shorter building times. We even discuss your long term energy cost savings. Let us help you construct a community building that is sustainable over time while bringing continued health and comfort to those within.




Insulspan Works With You Each Step of the Way:

  • Our talented design team works with your drawings, creating detailed SIP drawings
  • Complex designs are easily handled by the flexibility of our SIP panels
  • We have a range of SIP products that get you to the R-value you desire
  • Insulspan offers the most complete Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) SIP system
  • Your builder has an option to have on-site technical assistance

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