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Have you ever checked your home’s or building’s energy bill with bated breath hoping it won’t be as bad as you think? In cold and warm climates alike, this can be a huge motivating factor for building an energy efficient SIP project. However, finding architects and designers dedicated to creating energy efficient and sustainable buildings is often difficult. While they may seem hard to find, there is a large number of architects and designers who create beautiful projects with energy efficiency in mind. By founding the Insulspan Design Alliance™, Insulspan® Structural Insulated Panels created its own community of architects and designers dedicated to sustainability and energy efficiency.

What Is The Insulspan Design Alliance™?

LEED Platinum Home Using Insulspan SIPs

The Insulspan Design Alliance™ is a group of talented architects and designers dedicated to creating sustainable, energy efficient homes. They use SIPs, green roofs, solar applications, and more. We created this group as a resource to help you find a designer that shares your values and goals for energy efficiency and sustainability, and can help you fully realize them. Many of the architects and designers in the Design Alliance have previously designed homes incorporating Insulspan SIPs. They can help you design an incredible home with the full support of our sales staff and drafting department behind them.

How Do I Find The Designer Who Is Right For Me?

Because working with a designer is not limited by geography, working with an Insulspan Design Alliance™ member is easy. To help customers find a designer, we have created a web page for each company linking to their website. From there, you can contact your chosen designer directly without a middleman slowing you down. The goal of the Design Alliance is to make it easy to explore your options and make decisions.

Why Should I Consider Working With An Insulspan Design Alliance™ Member?

Mosgiel ExteriorThe benefit of working with a Design Alliance™ member is not only their experience in creating energy efficient homes and buildings. It is also the support and expertise they will receive from our Insulspan team. Insulspan uses a Quality-Controlled Manufacturing process that ensures each panel is precisely cut creating straighter walls. We also have a full technical library with AutoCAD files available to help your designer easily insert them into plans. Additionally, Insulspan can help your designer create optimized, detailed SIP drawings and engineer the plans as well, if needed.

When it comes to designing your energy efficient project, we understand the importance of a stress-free process. The key to making that happen is finding the architect or designer who can make your vision come to life. That is why Insulspan has created the Design Alliance™. Working with a Design Alliance™ member guarantees you are working with a qualified, knowledgeable designer. It is that architect or designer who will create your beautiful, efficient home that will last a lifetime.

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