Introducing Plus Space™ ADUs by Insulspan®

As cities continue to sprawl and space has become increasingly sparse, more and more people are looking for ways to pursue their interests in cramped quarters. Many have begun to take a look at what they already have—space in their backyard. To help owners fully realize their dreams of owning a rental property, a quiet place to work from home, or a place to care for extended family, Insulspan® Structural Insulating Panels created Plus Space™ ADUs.

What Are Plus Space™ ADUs?

adu Apartment plan

Plus Space™ by Insulspan is the next wave of accessory dwelling units (ADUs). The highly energy efficient, completely configurable SIP kits are designed to give you the flexibility you deserve. Plus Space™ ADUs are comprised of a self-supporting structural shell made of Insulspan’s ready-to-assemble (RTA) structural insulated panels (SIPs). The structural strength of the SIPs is what gives you the ability to make your Plus Space™ accessory dwelling unit exactly what you want. Each of our plans show a layout in dotted lines; however, this is just one possible configuration for the space. You can decide on the ideal interior configuration to meet your needs.

In addition, you get to choose the exterior cladding and roofing materials used on the unit. In this way, you can match the unit to your existing home. Each Plus Space™ ADU SIP Kit uses standard window and door sizes to create unique spaces while keeping costs in check.

While some may want an ADU to be a fully functioning home with electricity and plumbing, others may not. During manufacturing, Insulspan pre-cuts electrical chases to make electrical installation easy and seamless. Meanwhile, plumbing takes place on interior walls giving you the flexibility to add kitchenettes and bathrooms wherever you want. To customize each ADU even more, SIPs allow for additions like shelves, cabinets, and even a Murphy bed. You can connect these directly to the wall without the usual need to find a stud. This allows for unique configurations that are just not possible in a stick frame ADU.

Plus Space™ Plans

Plus Space Pool House 1

Insulspan Plus Space™ ADUs include a variety of sizes and building styles. Plus Space™ currently offers carriage house plans with optional living quarters above the garage that are approximately 500-700 square feet. These plans are perfect for maximizing square footage while providing extra garage and apartment space. Next, Plus Space™ features single-level suite plans that are approximately 300-400 square feet, depending on the plan selected. These plans can work perfectly as a studio apartment or a place for elderly family members to call home.

Interested in a smaller unit? Plus Space™ sells studio plans that are approximately 160 square feet each. These plans can fill a plethora of needs. Uses range from an art studio, garden shed, or man cave to a child’s playhouse and more. Finally, Plus Space™ offers two pool house floor plans ranging in size between 500-700 square feet that are perfect for hosting poolside parties.

If you are considering building an ADU yourself, the studio plans are designed so that you can install them with the help of another person or two. So feel free to assemble your friends and family to help you build your structure. Meanwhile, our larger plans need to be professionally installed by an experienced builder. The larger units will also require equipment to unload and move panels.

More About Plus Space™ Energy Efficiency

Plus Space™ ADUs are also unique in the marketplace because they are highly energy efficient. The structural insulated panels used in Plus Space™ kits are created using a continuous layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation structurally laminated to two boards of performance-rated oriented strand board (OSB). The continuous insulation combined with larger panel sizes minimize thermal breaks and reduce heat transfer between unit’s interior and exterior. Because of the SIPs high R-value, Plus Space™ ADUs provide an energy efficient housing option that can be heated and cooled with mini-split units.

In Summary

Plus Space™ ADUs Shed 1

Plus Space™ ADUs were created to meet the demand for more living space in cities that are facing urban sprawl. Therefore, in cities like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, these ADUs can offer a solution to the growing affordable housing crisis. In comparison, for cities like Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Toledo, these highly energy efficient ADUs can become a home office, she-shed, gym, or yoga studio while also filling the need for affordable housing.

If you are looking to improve your property value, explore a hobby, or create a rental property, a highly energy efficient and configurable ADU by Plus Space™ may be the perfect thing for you.



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