Royal Tyrrell Museum: Insulspan® Brings Museum to Life

Interior of Royal Tyrrell Museum Field Station

Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As part of its Legacy Fund initiative, the Alberta government wanted to give tourists the opportunity to experience archaeology in the badlands of the lower Red Deer River. It’s an area full of rich dinosaur fossil fields and a rare cottonwood habitat in the river floodplain.

A new Field Station of the Royal Tyrrell Museum was planned for this location about 52 kilometres from Brooks, Alberta. Contracted for this commercial project were Calgary architectural firms, SHB Architects and Designworks Architecture. The firms chose Insulspan® SIPs for the roof and wall insulation for more than one reason.

First, Insulspan quickly answered questions about R-Value. The appeal of the product also hinged on the speed of installation because the building could quickly be made weather-tight. Consequently, inside work proceeded faster. Finally, together with LEED®-approved sealants, SIPs ensured an airtight envelope that offered optimal energy efficiency.

In the summer, SIPs allow the Tyrrell Field Station to cool air while in the winter, SIPs keep the building warm. As a result, the thousands of tourists who visit each year enjoy the museum in comfort.

Reasons Architects Choose Insulspan SIPs

  • Product Performance SIPs offer superior R-Value and provide an air-tight building envelope. Made in Canada, Insulspan SIPs are labeled under a third-party certification program with Intertek testing services.
  • Technical Expertise Insulspan provides dedicated technical personnel to assist in the planning, design, and construction phases of commercial projects.
  • Precision Cutting and Pre-Assembly Insulspan cuts all materials according to specifications contained in the SIPs panel layout drawings approved by the client. Then we ship ready-to-assemble Insulspan SIPs with pre-assembled insulated headers, and pre-cut structural lumber with the SIPs for quick site installation.

There are many reasons to choose SIPs for your community building. Read more about community buildings with SIPs here.

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