First Nations Project Profiles

These First Nations building project profiles used PFB insulating building products. Products include the Insulspan® Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) System, Advantage ICF System®, and Plasti-Fab® EPS products. Each project profile describes the specific products employed during the construction phase. Detailed First Nations project information is available below.

Writing on Stone Visitor’s Centre

Alberta Infrastructure began planning a new visitor centre for the area. However, it needed one that could withstand harsh climate elements such as strong winds, months of cold, winter temperatures, and very hot temperatures in the summer. Subsequently, Insulspan SIPs in the roof and walls brought energy-efficiency, faster installation, weather tightness, and durability to the project. Read more

Lutselk’e, Northwest Territories, Canada

Beginning in 2005, Frandrick began working with Northwest Territories Housing Corporation to construct homes for low-income residents in the remote community of Lutselk’e. The community is located on the south shore of Great Slave Lake. Frandrick constructed eight 840-square-foot homes. He used the Plasti-Fab SIP system for the floor, walls, and roof of the homes. This is because these products provided well-insulated building envelopes, protecting residents against the harsh winter conditions. Learn more

Vuntut National Park Centre

Located at Old Crow, the only community located in the northern part of the Yukon Territory, the visitor and operations centre “… is an all-Insulspan SIP building,” says Tony Zedda. Its northern location is why Zedda’s design called for Insulspan SIP floors, walls, and ceilings. Choosing Insulspan SIPs also ensured Zedda optimum quality control because the factory-built-and-cut panels delivered straight to the site via air transport. Read more

SikSika Pow Wow Center, Gleichen, Alberta

20 First Nations personnel received trained from one site advisor and installed 1,100 panels. It was a major commercial First Nations building project completed with all local labor. This was due to the efficiency and pre-cutting available through the Insulspan SIP System.

Cherokee Nation Central School, Cherokee, North Carolina

This K-12 school now serves 1,900 students. Further, upon receiving LEED® certification, it stands to be the largest LEED-certified school project east of the Mississippi River. The school pays tribute to modern technology while incorporating native traditions such as weaving, wood carving, beading, and respect for native plants and mountains that surround this stunning school. Learn more

Manitoba Affordable Housing, Duck Bay, Manitoba

MHRC built ten homes using the Insulspan SIP system in northern Manitoba communities. These include Duck Bay, Camperville, and Wabowden. For families living on low incomes in a cold climate, a home that minimizes heat loss is a necessity. According to Camperville Property Manager Ernie Urbanowski, the new homes built with the Insulspan SIP system had utility costs nearly 20% lower than conventionally built homes of similar size.

First Nations Training, Clear Lake, Manitoba

Peto chose the Advantage ICF system as well as Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to construct the energy efficient shell of his new home in Clear Lake, Manitoba. Recognizing the benefits of this type of construction, he enlisted Riding Mountain Development Corporation to use his house as a training tool for local crews. “The product was of excellent quality and when it arrived there were absolutely no changes that we had to make,” Peto said. “It was well manufactured and the workmanship was exceptional.” Read more

Shawanosowe Elementary School, Sudbury, Ontario

The Shawanosowe Elementary School’s construction occurred during the winter months. Build North Construction built the school for the Whitefish River First Nation. There is something extra special, however, about this project. The contractor was able to train and use a local labor force for the ICF installation, subsequently saving on construction costs. Advantage ICFs were used on the 4 foot frost wall and above grade walls (varying 9 to 27 feet in height on both the interior and exterior). Used on the exterior for masonry finish and on interior walls to support slab, was the Advantage ICF brick ledge form.

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