What are SIPs?

Structural Insulated Panels are a premium building solution manufactured with a core of insulating foam sandwiched between two pieces of exterior sheathing. SIPs can be manufactured in a variety of ways, however, Insulspan’s standard SIP products feature rigid closed-cell EPS foam laminated between OSB sheathing to create superior structural building panels for projects ranging from ADUs to personal homes, and commercial construction.


EPS / GPS Insulation

  • Insulspan SIPs are manufactured using either ridged white EPS (expanded polystyrene) or grey GPS (graphite-enhanced expandable polystyrene) learn more about our insulation types
  • EPS is comprised of 98% air and does not off-gas or lose R-value over time
  • Compare EPS to Polyurethane Insulation


Oriented Strand board (OSB)

  • Oriented Strand Board is an engineered performance-rated structural building material
  • Manufacturing our SIPs with OSB sheathing provides superior strength and rigidity
  • For more details, please read our OSB FAQ Product Bulletin 204


High Pressure Lamination

  • The OSB is not simply glued to the foam center, the materials are laminated together at 5 to 9 pounds per square inch for approximately 5 minutes
  • There is no harmful off-gassing from the structural adhesive used
  • The high-pressure lamination process creates a SIP product with its own structural characteristics. Visit our resources page to learn more.