Building Your Home With SIPs

SIPsLet’s start by defining what an Insulspan® Structural Insulated Panel is. Insulspan SIPs are made from two sheets of performance-rated oriented strand board (OSB) that are structurally laminated to either side of a continuous core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. Learn how building your home with Insulspan SIPs will benefit your family.

→ Why Build With SIPs?

→ Why Choose Insulspan SIPs?




Why Build With SIPs?

There are many benefits when you choose to build an energy-efficient SIP home, including:

Save on Energy Bills

Did you know, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for about 40% of your total energy costs per year? The best way to reduce your energy consumption is to reduce energy loss, and SIP homes provide improved resistance to the energy lost through air leaks and thermal transfer. This means that while your energy bills will not disappear, you will notice a dramatic reduction in the cost to heat and cool your new home.

Superior Energy Efficiency
Live More Comfortably

Most of us living in traditional stick-built homes have learned to deal with rooms getting too hot, then too cold, as well as spaces that feel colder in one spot than they do in another. If you hate drafts and get tired of taking your sweater off and on, then get ready to smile. The tightness of an Insulspan SIP home helps keep cold air from entering your warm spaces and causing drafts.


Health and Comfort
Build Stronger

A home built with foam? How can that be structurally sound? The truth is that the lamination of the SIP panels creates an incredibly strong structure. Insulspan SIP homes have stood up to all different environments, from seismic zones in California to hurricane winds in Florida to high snow loads in the Rocky Mountains. The structural features of a SIP home also allow designers to easily create open interior spaces without requiring as many posts or interior walls.

SIP Strength

Why Choose Insulspan SIPs?

Our Services Enable You To Build Your Home More Efficiently
Besides the joy of finishing your construction project in a timely manner, why is building faster a benefit? First, the more efficient the build, the fewer errors. Errors cause delays and increase costs. Second, if you have a construction loan, the ability to finish construction faster means you can convert your higher interest construction loan into a mortgage more quickly. Learn more about Building Faster with Insulpan SIPs.

Detailed Design Services

When homeowners bring us their plans–whether they are from an architect, a plan site, or a sketch on a napkin–our experienced drafting team gets to work creating the industry’s most detailed structural drawings. Our detailed SIP drawings reduce installation errors and speed construction.

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Expert Customer Service

Insulspan has been manufacturing and installing SIPs for over 30 years. You and your builder will benefit from the decades of experience our team provides. We also offer technical advisory services during installation and guidance during construction. Our team is dedicated to your successful project from start to finish.

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RTA SIP Packages

Insulspan offers a proven system for installing our materials quickly and easily by offering a range of Ready-to-Assemble panel packages. The SIP packages arrive at your site pre-cut and clearly labeled to match our detailed drawings. RTA SIPs greatly reduce on-site preparation and reduce errors. Your builder has the flexibility to choose the type of panel package that best fits their needs and experience level.

SIP Packages