Easily Specify Insulspan® SIPs in Your Design

The most innovative architects have always led the way toward smarter building. In fact, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) energy initiative believes architects are at the center of reducing buildings’ carbon emissions and to turning the tide against climate change. For this reason, the AIA offers passive solutions planning and encourages better envelope design and renewable energy integration. The Insulspan SIP building system addresses modern building architectural needs, including improved energy efficiency, enhanced structural integrity, sustainability, and design flexibility.

→ Why Build With SIPs?

→ Why Choose Insulspan SIPs?



Why Specify SIPs?

By specifying SIPs for your projects, your clients will receive multiple benefits during construction and over the lifetime of the structure.

Meet and Exceed Building Codes

SIPs meet and exceed today’s stringent building codes for energy efficiency and structural integrity, all with one product. In fact, Insulspan structural insulated panels are the only SIPs with evaluation reports in both the US (ICC-ES) and Canada (CCMC).

Structural Strength
Code Compliance
Provide Lasting Value

With energy-efficient SIP construction, you will provide your clients with a quality building solution that lowers their energy bills, creates the most comfortable interior living spaces, and enhances interior air quality.

Homeowner Benefits
Speed Construction

Your clients will see the value of building with pre-fabricated SIPs. Off-site fabrication reduces on-site building times and produces less jobsite waste. By specifying SIPs, you are providing a structural building solution, insulation, and sheathing all in one.

Speed of Construction

Why Specify Insulspan SIPs?

Our Services Set Insulspan Apart
Insulspan has produced quality structural insulated panels for over 30 years. During this time, we have worked with architects and designers on a variety of projects. Our extensive experience will help you go beyond simply specifying SIP materials. We can show you the best ways to receive value from specific SIP configurations.

Detailed Technical Library

Insulspan’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for architectural designers to specify our SIP building systems in your architectural drawings. Utilize our expertise to achieve greater flexibility and creativity in your SIP designs.

Master Specifications
Technical Library
Expert Customer Service

Our knowledgeable team is available to answer your questions and help you create the most accurate drawings possible. If you need clarification about our specifications or would like recommendations for a particular situation, we are here to help.

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Product Flexibility

Insulspan offers a variety of SIP building solutions for your project depending on your specific energy efficiency and structural requirements. By specifying Insulspan SIPs, you also provide flexibility to the builder who can choose from a spectrum of package types that start with blanks and extend to Premium Ready-to-Assemble SIPs.

Product Options