Insulspan® SIP roof system installed in three to five days

Tim Horton's Using Advantage ICFs and Insulspan SIPsOver the last five years, few franchises have grown faster than Tim Horton’s. So, it’s fitting that this national coffee icon uses a Canadian product. Insulspan keeps Tim Horton’s buildings durable and energy efficient. It’s why the storied shops stay welcoming and warm in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer. The buildings have SIP roof systems from Insulspan.

Throughout Western Canada, Insulspan® SIPs is now the product of choice for the Tim Horton’s roofs. SIPs, along with the Advantage ICF System®, create a solid, soundproof, and energy efficient foundation and walls. Subsequently, both products are part of the process when TDL Group, the design wing of Tim Horton’s, request bids from general contractors.

Once the contract is signed, Insulspan staff swing into action, measuring, creating, and installing the final product—quickly. Speed is of the essence. A new Tim Horton franchise can have foundation, walls, and roof in only 20 days.

Chris Denis is Manager of Construction for TDL, and began investigating energy efficient products at least 15 years ago. “The insulation value and the type of construction is very favorable. The speed of construction is very favourable because there are fewer trades involved in the project.”

Tim Horton's Lloydminster, Alberta

“We offer quality and speed of construction,” says Dave Stevenson, sales manager at the Insulspan office in British Columbia. “Our team can have the roof up in three to five days, and the whole building up in 20 days. We make things a lot easier for the general contractor, plumbing and electrical rough-ins as well as slab prep and pour are completed during this time frame, speeding up the construction process considerably.”

That’s something we can all raise a coffee to.


“The speed of construction is very favourable…” – Chris Denis, TDL Group

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