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Duplex Built with Insulspan SIPs

On a hilltop lot with a view of the city, developer Ryan O’Connor decided to build a luxury duplex. “I wanted to do something special,” he says of his foray into the Calgary housing market. “I wanted a stunning building with the best high-tech architectural features.” Like many with ambitions to create great buildings, O’Connor was focused on both design and technology.

For example, a snow melt system is under the walkways and patio. It ensures safety and low maintenance. At the same time, radiant in-floor heating provides continuous warmth and comfort over three floors. Light is particularly special. There is a skylight, an open tread stairway, and unique glass walls and flooring. There is even a back wall opening up to a rear patio which boasts a high-tech industrial barbecue.

“This is the first time I’ve used SIPS panels and ICF block, and I think because of the end result—more energy efficiency, it’s the way to go.” – Phillip Rusch, builder

So, when it came to discussing the best building materials, Ryan O’Connor went high end as well. He consulted his builder, Phillip Rusch, and architect, Jeremy Sturgess, of SturgessInsulspan SIPs in Multi-Family Housing Architecture. Both professionals suggested combining the Advantage ICF System® with Insulspan® Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). The combination gives homes the high-quality building envelope that purchasers seek out for durability, sustainability and energy efficiency.

The Advantage ICF system was used for the basement and the dividing wall between the two homes. This means superior energy efficiency, as well as guaranteed noise reduction, and a three-hour fire rating. Then, the Insulspan SIP system was used for the exterior walls of the home. The SIP panels were custom cut and a technical expert from Insulspan provided expertise in the planning and installation stages of the project.

Builder Phillip Rusch says, “This is the first time I’ve used SIPS panels and ICF block, and I think because of the end result—more energy efficiency, it’s the way to go. On high end homes, people are willing to make more up front for energy efficiency, and future cost savings. You need to do some more pre-planning up front; however, there’s technical support from Insulspan along the way.”

Architect Jeremy Sturgess comments: “They are superior products,” he says of the ICF and SIP systems. “The foundation system is strong and more energy efficient.”

The Calgary Park Hill duplex’s energy efficiency matches the stunning architectural detailing.

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