McDonald’s contractor saves six weeks on build cycle with the Insulspan® structural insulated panel (SIP) system

Insulspan SIPs Used in Construction of McDonald's

McDonald's Uses Insulspan SIPsWhen Vancouver-based contractor Alfred Horie Construction (AHC) undertook the replacement of a McDonald’s franchise in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, John Paone had a radical proposal. Cut several weeks from the project timeline by replacing conventional framing with a structural insulating panel (SIP) system.

“AHC is one of McDonald’s primary contractors in British Columbia, so we knew that speed of construction is a priority for the client,” said Paone. “We estimated that using SIPs could cut up to six weeks off the project’s timeline.”

Paone also liked the added benefits of increased building performance and energy savings.

Insulspan’s industry-leading, ready-to-assemble (RTA) system includes prefabricated panels with connection splines and framing lumber already installed. The Insulspan® structural insulated panel SIP system also provides a continuous layer of thermal insulation. This further reduces air leakage, improving energy efficiency.

At 8,600-square-feet, the Dawson Creek franchise is larger than an average McDonald’s. Yet, the AHC crew was able to dry-in the building in just 10 days.

“…we simplified the roof truss layout, and the sub-trades have an easier time working in a building built with SIPs.” – John Paone, ACH Construction

“With SIPs, the framing is already encapsulated with sheathing, and there is no need to add insulation,” said Paone. Paone said there were not a lot of electrical services in the McDonald’s lobby. This meant within a few days of drying-in, they were putting up drywall.

The Dawson Creek location becomes the first McDonald’s franchise in Canada built using the Insulspan SIP System.

“This is a test project, and McDonald’s has installed systems to monitor and assess energy use compared to their other buildings,” said Paone. “So far, everyone is very impressed.”

“I was a little worried at first, but when we looked into it, SIPs seemed like a good way to go,” said project architect Peter Lovick of PJ Lovick Architect, Ltd. Lovick said that in addition to saving construction time, “you get a square building.”

There was another appealing benefit. Lovick said SIPs are easy to work with, adding, “…we simplified the roof truss layout, and the sub-trades have an easier time working in a building built with SIPs.”

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