The Village by the Sea

Located in “The Village By the Sea,” Comox B.C., this hybrid timber frame and SIPs home is a new addition to the growing Insulspan family.

Timber Frame and SIP Home“We decided to use laminated Douglas fir beams and posts for our house in Comox,” said Paul Knettig. “The house is utilizing a unique system developed and patented by Mr. Wolf Wilbert of Edmonton. The Hook & Build structure is self-supporting, and the SIP walls and roof panels could be attached to beams, posts, and rafters from outside. This construction does not hide any beams and Douglas fir premium quality wood decorates every room in the house.”

Insulspan® SIPs have a unique benefit compared to stick frame methods. An Insulspan building envelope uses custom engineered walls and roof panels, subsequently exposing more of the timber frame beams. Installing Insulspan SIPs can also strengthen the building envelope creating a solid, weather resistant structure.

The added benefit of combining Insulspan SIPs with a timber frame is the energy savings. Insulspan SIPs reduce air leakage resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Customer service also played a role in the success of this project.

“[Insulspan sales manager] Mr. Dave Stevenson was extremely helpful. At the very beginning of the project, he gave us several estimates and helped to match SIPs with Hook & Build system. Later, he was willing to arrange for ‘hands-on’ assistance in May 2006,” said Knettig. “This visit provided invaluable help.”

The Knettig project is nearing completion with only interior finishing, decoration, landscaping, and other humdrum jobs lingering on the to-do list.

When finished, this should make the house considerably more attractive said Knettig.

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