Peninsula Panel built his Energy Star Plus-rated residence using Insulspan® Structural Insulated Panels. This 3,575-square-foot home boasts a 90.9 HERS rating. This HERS rating is even more impressive when you see the home’s exposed location. It rests on top of a hill, amidst pasture with no trees. The first year’s actual natural gas usage for these homeowners was a very low $1,061.00 or 1,406 CCFs!

A letter from those homeowners reads, “The panels keep the house very quiet and the inside temperature is very consistent, regardless of the season or temperature outside. The solar gain from our southern window wall is great in winter, but surprisingly there is not a heat buildup in summer. A small added bonus is the convenience of hanging pictures anywhere because of the continuous OSB sheeting behind the drywall.” –Tim & Wendy D.

The home has large overhangs for shading with no need for gutters. This project received the Energy Star Plus rating (Five-Star Plus) while being located in an open area. The construction utilized energy-efficient structural insulated panels as well as insulated concrete forms for the foundation. Using SIPs allowed the homeowners flexibility in their design, with vaulted ceilings in every room, while still providing the high level of energy efficiency desired by the homeowner.

SIP Wall Panel Lifted into Place SIP Roof Panel Lifted into Place

Left: Panel wall being lifted into place.

Right: Roof panel being lifted into place as one of the final pieces.

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