Energy Efficient Building is Quality Building

One of the keys to building a quality home or commercial space is a tightly-sealed, well-insulated structural shell. There are two primary ways that energy transfers in and out of the structural shell. One is via convection (air leaks). The other is via conduction (through solids). Building with Insulspan SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) brilliantly addresses both of these issues.

Limiting Air Leak

When insulation fails, it is usually because gaps and cavities. This is because gaps and cavities along the wall or roof allow interior conditioned air to escape. Of course, they also allow unconditioned air to seep in. Insulspan SIP panels provide a continuous core of solid EPS insulation. It will not sink like fiber batting or shrink over time like spray foam.

Increased Thermal Resistance

Insulspan SIP panels are available in a variety of widths in both our standard and R-plus Neopor® EPS products. You can choose the R-value (thermal resistance) that best meets the needs of your building location and energy-efficient goals.

Not only is our insulation capable of meeting or exceeding the recommended R-values for every climate, our whole-wall (and roof) system reduces the number of thermal bridges. A thermal bridge occurs every place within the wall where the insulation is interrupted. In a standard home, there are 2×6 studs located every 16 inches, and each of these breaks in the main insulation present opportunities for energy to transfer through the wall more easily (less resistance). There are far fewer thermal breaks in an Insulspan SIP wall or roof, which results in a higher R-value for the whole-wall.

Homeowner Perspective

What are the benefits of choosing to build an energy efficient SIP home? There are many, but some of the highlights include: a lower cost to heat and cool your home, increased comfort levels, healthier interiors, and knowing that you are doing your part to reduce overall energy consumption.

While your energy bills will not disappear, you will notice a dramatic reduction in the cost to heat and cool your new home. Would you like them to? Check out how to go net-zero.

Most of us have learned to deal with rooms getting too hot, then too cold; and spaces that are colder in one spot than another. If you hate drafts and get tired of taking your sweater off and on, then get ready to smile (and take off your sweater). The tightness of an Insulspan SIP home will provide an amazing level of comfort.

How can SIPs help make your home healthier? Tighter built homes allow owners to better regulate their air exchanges. When you control the circulation of air, you can easily expunge harmful dust and dander, maintain healthy humidity levels, and still get lots of fresh air.

Many SIP home owners choose to use an ERV, or an Energy Recovery Ventilation system, to pre-condition the air circulating in. The ERV fits directly into your mechanical system and uses the conditioned air that is going out to help condition the new air coming in, thus reducing energy needed to keep temperatures consistent.

Builder / Architect Perspective

Insulspan wants to be your partner in providing your clients with the home or commercial project that they will love. We want to help you maintain your reputation by providing an energy-efficient product that is easy to build, structurally strong, and very energy efficient.

  • When your project uses Insulspan SIPs you can easily achieve the R-values your clients are demanding, while simultaneously reducing build times.
  • Architects get access to detailed specifications that make it easy to incorporate into your
  • Builders get detailed construction details, and access to expert installation assistance.
  • Once you do one project, you will have all you need to build more homes using Insulspan SIPs.
  • Use our website to showcase the benefits of Insulspan SIPs to your clients.
  • You can even attend one of our Insulspan Universities to get first-hand knowledge.

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