The Benefits of a SIP Floor

When the underside of a floor, or part of a floor, is going to be exposed to the open air, homeowners and builders typically look to standard insulation products. Fiberglass batts, for example, are a typical solution. But, did you know Insulspan® Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are available for floor systems? Our SIPs can even be used in applications where an insulated floor deck is needed.

Not only that, there are other benefits of a SIP floor. SIP floors are easier to install and do not experience the common problems fiberglass batts have when used for exposed floor decks. (More on that later.) Perhaps best of all, floor applications with Insulspan SIPs become an integral component in the overall building envelope. They significantly add to the energy efficiency of the building.

A Little Bit About SIPs in Floors

SIPs for floors can easily be incorporated into a variety of building situations. To follow are some examples.

  1. SIPs work great in conjunction with pier foundations where structural support beams span from pier to pier. We work with a lot of customers in arctic regions in need of SIP floor solutions. This is because the cold tundra does not allow for a more typical slab or stem wall. The same solution applies to our customers in mountainous areas because floors often extend out from a sloping grade, exposing them to the air from beneath.
  2. Another application perfect for SIP floors is using them in living spaces above garages or carports.

Note: In both cases, it is important that the placement of the structural support beneath the panels be adequate for the span based on load requirements (as determined by the engineer on the project) and that the deflection criteria is not exceeded.

SIPs Floors are Reliable

Another important benefit in using Insulspan SIPs for floor applications is that the underside of the floor is appropriately and reliably protected. As long as you install it the correct way, problems like those experienced when using fiberglass batting will not occur. For example, you won’t have to worry about SIPs not making contact with the floor (like the way batts sometimes fall). You also won’t have to worry about compressed or sagging batts. The type of protection SIP floors offer ensures that the underside of the floor will not be subject to damage from exposure to weather including high humidity/moisture conditions. This protection also happens to be extremely energy efficient.

SIP Floors Save Energy

When you install a SIP floor, it becomes an integral part of the building’s energy conservation capability. This is because SIP floors significantly enhance the building’s structural envelope. In turn, the structural envelope’s energy efficient properties lead to a building that uses less heating and cooling. And of course that means: money saved on heating and cooling costs. Whether it’s living space above a garage, mountain homes, or arctic temperature living, the use of Insulspan SIPs as floors provides a solution. For reliable, consistent, weather protection, and in developing a complete energy efficient home, SIP floors will satisfy.

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