Accessory Dwelling Unit Floor Plans

Plus Space™ ADUs by Insulspan® is a new line of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) designed to meet the increasing demand for flexible living spaces. A Plus Space™ ADU kit includes our ready-to-assemble SIP structural shell of exterior walls and roof panels. Then, the fun begins. The interior layout of a Plus Space™ ADU is up to you to configure however you want to best suit your needs. Explore our floor plans below and get more details in our ADU FAQ.

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Carriage House Plans

Longspur (528 Sq. Ft.)
Turnstone (700 Sq. Ft.)
Osprey (1,391 Sq. Ft.)

Backyard Suite Plans

Meadowlark (336 Sq. Ft.)
Curlew (390 Sq. Ft.)
Sandpiper (368 Sq. Ft.)

Studio Plans

Kestrel (160 Sq. Ft.)
Tanager (160 Sq. Ft.)
Oriole (160 Sq. Ft.)
Cardinal (160 Sq. Ft.)

Pool House Plans

Kingfisher (504 Sq. Ft.)
Shearwater (640 Sq. Ft.)

Plus Space Economy ADU Kits

Plus Space Economy ADU Kits

ADU Floor Plans – For Structural Insulated Panels

Insulspan created Plus Space™, a series of accessory dwelling plans, to provide an easy path for adding a secondary structure to your property. The primary benefits of our SIP kits include:

  • a highly energy-efficient SIP shell which reduces heating and cooling costs
  • the opportunity to build faster without dependence on traditional framers
  • a single source for the auxiliary dwelling unit’s design and primary construction material of the structural shell

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