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Better Building Ideas

PFB Corporation has been manufacturing energy-efficient building systems for more than 35 years.

The HighestPerforming! BUILDING SYSTEM is an integration of our Insulspan SIP System and Advantage Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) System. These energy-efficient building systems are combined together as roof, wall and floor components. The result is a completely insulated building envelope that is extremely energy efficient, very durable and comfortable to live in.

Advanced homebuilding technologies, such as Insulspan, are making homes more comfortable, safer, healthier and more durable, all while reducing the impact on the environment. Our energy-efficient building systems have already proven the ability to significantly reduce energy and material consumption while simultaneously improving the quality of life within the home. In the past three decades, thousands of Insulspan homes built with the SIPS homes system have demonstrated these performance advantages while delivering substantial savings to homeowners. Insulspan homes may qualify for tax benefits while delivering operational savings and superior resale value. Insurance discounts may be available to "fortified homes" incorporating the Insulspan SIP System.

At the core of all our insulating systems are Plasti-Fab, EPS Product Solutions®; rigid insulation products manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam.

Our products translate into big operating cost reductions for building owners compared with conventional materials for the entire life of their buildings, because the thermal resistance values of our insulating products remain constant for their lifetime. Our building systems are able to reduce construction labor at the job site because the systems are ready to assemble and easy to use. This translates into faster erection times for the building envelope on job sites; while at the same time, using fewer skilled workers who are scarce in the labor force today. Once the building envelope is completed, workers can finish the interior of the project in air conditioned comfort and be far more productive. This translates into quality work and on-the-job cost reductions.

Our pledge to our customers is to provide them with quality, service and expertise that they are unable to find elsewhere. In our manufacturing operations we employ ISO 9001 quality systems that ensure we deliver on our pledge. Because we manufacture all the insulating products at every level of our integrated product chain, we are able to control quality at every level of manufacturing operation. Quality is one of the cornerstones of our high customer satisfaction ratings. Another cornerstone is our expertise in providing solutions to our customers in fulfilling their needs.

Our teams include engineers, scientists, designers, architects, product and manufacturing experts as well as experts in computer technologies and building construction. Our people are expert in solving problems for our customers as we work at every manufacturing level within our product universe. We are experts in the use of expanded polystyrene as an insulating building material and its structural properties when used in our Insulspan SIP® and Advantage ICF® building systems product lines. We provide job site service and supervision when requested to ensure that our customers are using our products in the most effective ways possible.

PFB Corporation has always been particularly attentive to environmental issues and our commitment to environmentally sensitive products, processes and facilities remains at our highest level of priority. The use of recycled materials and recycling processes is an integral part of our operations. Our products are always produced to rigorous technical standards and have never contained chemicals associated with the depletion of the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

Due to excellent insulating properties, PlastiSpan® insulation produces net savings of natural resources over its useful lifetime. Using PlastiSpan insulation means that less energy for heating - or for air conditioning - is required. Insulating to the most stringent current regulations can cut heat loss by more than 70%. For every kilogram of energy resources used to manufacture a PlastiSpan insulation board, approximately 150 kilograms of energy resources are saved over the 50-year functional lifetime of the insulation through reduced heating demands.

If you are interested in LEEDS qualifying structures, Built Green and Energy Star savings, then you need to include our Better Building Ideas™ in all your construction plans.

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