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Welcome to the Insulspan Product Application Information Center. Here you will find the Insulspan Structural Insulated Panel System's Construction Details. These documents are intended only for design and building officials intending to work with Insulspan. Timber Framing Joinery Details are also available for download. Today, the overwhelming majority of timber frames are enclosed with Structural Insulated Panels. The panels are used for walls, floors and roofs.


Insulspan Assembly Detail

Insulspan Installation Guide

Insulspan Assembly Detail

Insulspan Assembly Details

Insulspan Structural Insulated Panel Design Assembly Details

Downloads are in PDF and DWG formats. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files.
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Wall to Foundation

100.01 SIP Drop Wall/Deck [PDF | DWG]
100.01A SIP Drop Wall/Deck [PDF | DWG]
100.02 SIP Wall/Deck [PDF | DWG]
100.02A SIP Wall/Deck/Joist Parallel [PDF | DWG]
100.02B SIP Wall/Deck [PDF | DWG]
100.03 SIP Wall/Slab [PDF | DWG]
100.04 SIP Drop Wall/Deck/ICF [PDF | DWG]
100.05 SIP Wall/Deck/ICF [PDF | DWG]
100.05A SIP Wall/Deck/Joist Parallel/ICF [PDF | DWG]
100.06 SIP Wall/SIP Floor [PDF | DWG]
100.06A SIP Drop Wall/SIP Floor [PDF | DWG]
100.07 SIP Wall/SIP Floor/Beam [PDF | DWG]
100.07A SIP Wall/SIP Floor/Steel Beam [PDF | DWG]

Wall to Upper Floor

200.01 SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Hanger [PDF | DWG]
200.01A SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Hanger [PDF | DWG]
200.02 SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Perpendicular [PDF | DWG]
200.02A SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Parallel [PDF | DWG]

Wall Corner

200.03 SIP Wall Corner [PDF | DWG]
200.04 SIP Wall Corner/Timber Frame [PDF | DWG]
200.04A SIP Wall Corner/Timber Frame/Foam Gap [PDF | DWG]
200.05 SIP Wall Inside Corner/Timber Frame [PDF | DWG]
200.05A SIP Wall Inside Corner/Timber Frame/Foam Gap [PDF | DWG]
200.06 SIP Wall Angled Corner [PDF | DWG]
200.06A SIP Wall Angled Corner/Overlay [PDF | DWG]
200.07 SIP Wall/Partition Wall [PDF | DWG]
200.07A SIP Wall/Partition Wall [PDF | DWG]
200.08 SIP Wall/Partition Wall [PDF | DWG]

Wall to Roof

300.01 SIP Wall/Roof/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.01A SIP Wall/Roof/Blocking/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.02 SIP Wall/Roof/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.02A SIP Wall/Roof/Blocking/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.03 SIP Wall/Pre-Engineered Wood Trusses [PDF | DWG]
300.04 SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.04A SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Foam Gap/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.05 SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.05A SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Foam Gap/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.06 SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.06A SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Foam Gap/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.07 SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.07A SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Foam Gap/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.08 ICF Wall/SIP Roof/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.09 ICF Wall/SIP Roof/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
300.10 SIP Wall/Roof/Rake [PDF | DWG]
300.11 SIP Wall/Roof/Timber Frame/Rake [PDF | DWG]
300.11A SIP Wall/Roof/Timber Frame/Foam Gap/Rake [PDF | DWG]

Roof Ridge

300.21 SIP Roof/Ridge Beam/Ridge Plates [PDF | DWG]
300.21A SIP Roof/Rafter/Ridge Plates [PDF | DWG]
300.22 SIP Roof/Ridge Beam/Two Part Foam [PDF | DWG]
300.23 SIP Roof/Ridge Beam/Overlay [PDF | DWG]

Roof Valley

300.31 SIP Roof/Valley Beam/Valley Plates [PDF | DWG]
300.32 SIP Roof/Valley Beam/Expanding Foam [PDF | DWG]

Panel to Beam

300.41 SIP Joints/Beam/OSB Surface Spline [PDF | DWG]
300.41A SIP Joints/Beam/InsulSpline [PDF | DWG]
300.42 SIP Panel/Intermediate Beam [PDF | DWG]

Connection Details

400.01 SIP Joint/Single Lumber Spline [PDF | DWG]
400.02 SIP Joint/OSB Surface Spline [PDF | DWG]
400.03 SIP Joint/InsulSpline [PDF | DWG]
400.04 SIP Joint/Double Lumber Spline [PDF | DWG]
400.05 SIP Joint/Wood I-Joist Spline [PDF | DWG]
400.06 SIP Joint/Single 4x Lumber Spline [PDF | DWG]
400.07 SIP Wall End Connection Details [PDF | DWG]

Opening Details

400.11 Opening/Lumber Header [PDF | DWG]
400.12 Opening/SIP Header [PDF | DWG]
400.13 Small Opening Inside Panel [PDF | DWG]
400.14 Opening Insulated Header [PDF | DWG]
400.15 Skylight Opening [PDF | DWG]

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