The Insulspan Difference
The Insulspan Difference

Why Choose Insulspan?

The Insulspan SIP System allows your building design to be converted into clear, easy-to-understand construction drawings. The exacting work of our dedicated team, including engineers, designers and manufacturing personnel, means your Insulspan SIP construction drawings are accurate the first time and panels are precision-cut to exact design specifications in a controlled manufacturing environment. This ensures the integrity of your Insulspan SIP system to eliminate unnecessary cutting on site.
Insulspan’s comprehensive system approach to the construction of your structure is what distinguishes us from the competition.

Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction so we "begin with the end in mind," striving for excellence from design and engineering through to sales and tech support. It’s that process and commitment that prompted the editors of Sustainable Industries to declare, "Not all panels are created equal, and Insulspan is the best."

Here’s why the Insulspan SIP System will exceed your expectations:

Superior Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling account for the largest part of a family’s energy use. The Insulspan SIP System provides airtight wall and roof assemblies with higher effective thermal resistance than other construction methods. These properties allow the Insulspan SIP System to work in concert with other energy-efficient building components like windows, doors, and HVAC systems to reduce heat loss from 40 to 60 percent over wood-framed construction.

Improved Air Quality

The same high-performing building envelope that keeps conditioned air in, also keeps pollutants out. Because air cannot move through the SIPs, interior air is free of irritants such as pollen, as well as mold spores that might result from damp conditions inside a wood-framed wall. As a first line of defence, Insulspan SIPs enhance your home’s HVAC mechanical system, helping it work more efficiently. And, the expanded polystyrene foam at the core of Insulspan SIPs is free of HCFCs and HFCs, chemicals released into the air by some other types of insulation.

Strength, Security, Versatility

The Insulspan SIP system allows design for high wind and snow loads with less structural lumber than wood-framed construction. More design flexibility is possible to address architectural features like vaulted areas and open floor plans.

Quality Commitment

Insulspan has adopted an industry-leading quality management program certified to ISO 9001:2000 that addresses all aspects of our operations from the time your order is placed to shipment to your project. This quality commitment allows us to offer the most comprehensive 20 year limited warranty coverage in the industry that ensures the product delivered to you will maintain structural performance and R-Value you designed into your building.

Building Code Compliance

The Insulspan SIP System has been evaluated to ensure building code requirements for residential and commercial applications. Test results and evaluations confirm compliance with code requirements for structural design, heat transfer, air leakage and condensation control. Insulspan is currently the only SIP manufacturer in North America that has building code listing reports for their SIP system in both United States (ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1295) and Canada (CCMC Evaluation Report 13016-R). This provides our building owners peace of mind and security when specifying the Insulspan SIP System.

Ready-to-Assemble Panels

Insulspan offers a ready-to-assemble (RTA) package that allows assembly to start as soon as the SIPs are delivered, instead of spending time customizing them at the job site. Insulspan RTA packages arrive with panels cut to design specifications, openings pre-cut and finished with window and door bucks, wire chases precut in the panels and, where possible, panel-to-panel connections inserted, all of which saves valuable time and reduces job site waste. Warranty approved fasteners, sealants, and panel sealing tape are also included. On request, Insulspan can also provide a site advisor to train local assembly crews during installation. With experienced installation crews, your Insulspan structure will be fully enclosed and secure in less time than with wood-framed construction.

Easy to qualify for Energy Star or EnerGuide

Building an energy-efficient structure is a smart investment that will allow you to enjoy lower ownership costs, improved energy performance and the peace of mind that comes with an environmentally responsible choice.

The Insulspan SIP System has been recognized as the best choice in building envelope technology in many green building projects, including the LEED Platinum BASF Demonstration Home, Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s ZEBRAlliance Net Zero Energy Home, the Shirey Zero Energy Idea House, the NYSERDA Energy Efficient Home, the "This Old House" Carlisle Project and the Archetype Sustainable House.

In the US, energy-efficient structures built with Insulspan SIP wall and roof panels can qualify for an Energy Star rating. Visit for more information. The energy-efficient attributes of SIPs are also recognized under ICC 700-2008, the National Green Building Standard developed in partnership by the National Association of Home Builders Association and International Code Council (ICC). In Canada, the most recognized energy efficiency rating programs for new homes are EnerGuide and R-2000. In addition, BuiltGreen programs available in a number of Canadian provinces recognize SIPs as providing improved energy efficiency over wood-framed construction.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in key areas of human and environmental health. The Insulspan SIP System has been used to build Platinum LEED homes.

Other energy efficiency rating systems may also be available in your area, and rebates for energy efficient construction may be offered. Contact us to learn more.

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