The Insulspan Difference
The Insulspan Difference

At Insulspan, customer satisfaction is our highest measure of success.

"Part of the advantage of Insulspan products is that they magnify the efficiency of the home. Insulspan SIPs allow us to achieve the airtightness to make the home and the HVAC system work correctly."

Richard Wayne, Insulspan Customer

We have received accolades from all over – including awards from the Building Systems Council of the National Association of Home Builders and recognition as the top ten green building product of 2007 by Sustainable Industries magazine – but the ones that mean the most come from our customers across North America. We took our first step toward ultimate customer satisfaction when we opened our doors 30 years ago, and since then Insulspan has led the industry in SIP technology – and in happy customers.
The Insulspan Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) System "sandwich" of performance-rated oriented strand board (OSB) structurally laminated to a continuous core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation allows you to build and insulate your building in one step.

The Insulspan SIP System is an industry leading ready-to-assemble (RTA) system that gives builders a real competitive edge over traditional stick frame construction. The RTA process reduces construction time and improves efficiency. Blueprints for your home are loaded into our computerized factory equipment where Insulspan SIPs are manufactured to your exact specifications, then delivered to your location as a ready-to-assemble building system.

The energy efficiency of buildings built with the Insulspan SIP System out-performs buildings constructed using wood-framed wall and roof systems in three main areas:

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