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Built for Strength, Comfort & Quality

It was built on the hill beside a park. It overlooks downtown and has a breath-taking view of the Rocky Mountains. It was built for strength, comfort and quality. It is open and spacious and energy efficient in design. It was built to be unique not common or average. It is a custom home.

The property was bought for its location, and breath-taking city and mountain views. On this property the homeowners wanted to build a strong, comfortable home that provided air quality and was energy efficient in design.

To meet the strength, comfort and energy efficient design requirements, Timberrock Construction choose to build this custom home using the Insulspan SIP and Advantage ICF Systems.

"Insulspan SIPs and Advantage ICFs will provide a long term cost savings of running the home." Said John Lavertu, President of Timberrock Construction.

The foundation was built using the Advantage ICF System, an insulating concrete forming (ICF) system that significantly reduces air leakage and noise transmission through its solid wall construction. The walls were built using the Insulspan SIP System, a structural insulated panel (SIP) system that provides a superior, affordable method of constructing walls and roofs and provides long-term energy cost savings and a reduction in air leakage.

Recognizing the need for installation training to ensure both building systems are constructed correctly, Insulspan provides detailed site reference manuals, an installation guide along with onsite training.

Both Advantage ICFs and the Insulspan SIPs provide a higher effective thermal resistance (R-Value) over traditional construction methods and are CCMC evaluated and registered products.

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