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Energy Efficient Building Solutions for an Expanding Territory

The vastness of Nunavut encompasses many regional variations from arctic climates, to flat barren lands, shallow tundra lakes to mountain ranges and icebergs. With no road connections between the hamlets, all consumer and commercial products are supplied on ships to the 25 individual hamlets that create the Territory.

Faced with population growth because of the abundance of natural resources in the Territory, an increasing need for infrastructure development was recognized - especially in housing and waste management.

It was this need for housing where the Insulspan® SIPs building system provided an energy efficient building solution for 5 public housing units Nunavut Housing Corporation was building.

The roofs of these public housing units were built using Insulspan SIPs, a structural insulated panel (SIP) system that provides a superior, affordable method of constructing walls and roofs and provides long-term energy cost savings and a reduction in air leakage.

"Insulspan SIPs roof panels matched the insulation value we were looking for." Said Bob Thompson, Technical Marketing Manager of Nunavut Housing Corporation.

As a result of the initial interest in Insulspan SIPs, Ray Drost a Insulspan sales representative traveled to Nunavut to give an introduction and basic training seminar.

"Ray came up here and gave a training seminar to decision makers, specifiers and contractors about the product, how it works and how to install it." Said Thompson.

"I was very pleased with the overall service from Insulspan. They are easily accessible and eager to help."

Each of the public housing units were located in 5 separate hamlet locations throughout Nunavut: Arctic Bay, Cape Dorset, Clyde River, Kimmirut and Qikiqtarjuao.

"A key requirement of the project was to deliver panels to the port of Montreal on a tight schedule to allow for shipping via barge to the Eastern Arctic communities." Said Drost. "The key to shipping to remote northern locations is carrying out the logistics properly and being able to respond quickly should oversights or the unforeseen happen."

Insulspan provided 375 Insulspan SIPs roof panels, 10.25 inches thick for installation at the various public housing units being constructed throughout the Territory during this project.

"The contractors working on the public housing units found the installation process of the SIP roof panels to be very good. It took 2 days to install the first roof panels and a day-and-a-half to install the next SIPs roof." Said Thompson. "…there was a bit of a learning curve as this was a new product to the contractors, but it is a very straight forward system, easy to install and fasten into place."

Insulspan SIPs provide a higher effective thermal resistance (R-Value) over traditional construction methods and is a CCMC evaluated and registered product.

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