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Insulspan's Panelwrights turns temporary Contributing Editor for Home Energy Magazine

January/February 2002
Home Energy Magazine

Al Cobb, Insulspan's Panelwrights' president, wrote, "The Lowdown on Structural Insulated Panels" for the January/February 2002 Issue of Home Energy magazine. Al explains the increasing interest in panel construction. He credits some of that interest to the spike in energy costs. As proof of the remarkable differences in potential energy savings, Al sites whole-wall R-value tests as well as HERS score tests conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Florida Solar Energy Center respectively.

He equally emphasizes the need for training in the building community; stating improper installation as the primary reason for breakdowns in panel performance. Al maintains a hopeful outlook for panels as a mainstream building practice as long as manufacturers and those with experience focus on proper training and installation.

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