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Kershaw Project, 2009

Nelson Island, B.C.


In August 2009, Kettle River Timberworks raised a timber frame and installed roof panels on a 2200 sq. ft. residence on Nelson Island, B.C. Location and timeline made this project particularly unique.

The remote location on Quarry Bay required that all crew and materials be barged to the island. The timber frame and the panels were installed in just 4 weeks by a crew of 4 using a portable manlift that was also barged to the location. Further challenging was the complicated roofline on the home which consisted of gable roof with 2 shed dormers and 4 gable dormers. Our company fully modeled the timber frame and panels in 3D cad.

Design communication between the timber frame shop and Insulspan was strictly with 3d CAD models which resulted in a near perfect fit between the timber frame and the Insulspan panel system.

PROJECTS in the News

Insulspan has been used in a number of exciting projects. Below you will find some of the most recent profiles.

Commercial Projects of Interest
Commonwealth Air Training Museum

Residential Projects of Interest
Dream Home on a Budget
Net Zero Energy House
Pura Vida (Pure Life)

To view other projects completed and download PDF files of the project profiles, CLICK HERE

Client Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to learn about our company from someone else's point of view. Check out what these customers thought about Insulspan.

"We built our house in 2007 the year before we got married, and if I had to do it all over again there would be no question in my mind that I would use Insulspan walls again". - Ryan Barlage READ the whole Testimonial

"Living in an Insulspan home on Lake Winnebago has exceeded our greatest expectations. Extreme Structures LLC, the Insulspan contractor,
used Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) to design and create the home of our dreams".
- Tom & Kathy Bloomer READ the whole Testimonial

"There were other SIP manufacturers out there but Insulspan seemed to have the best quality product. Another thing that put Insulspan above some of the rest is that they would cut out the window/door openings and put wire chases in the SIP." - Eric Holder READ the whole Testimonial

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Dealer News

Insulspan Dealer Video Feature

MM&I Construction has created a video about one of their projects in Alabama.

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Insulspan Dealers support Timber Framing
Al Cobb, President of Panelswrights, LLC & Zack Leroy, Vice President of Panel Pros, promote the use of SIPs on timber frames, to ensure their energy efficiency.

"The best way to describe Panelwrights involvement in the Timber Frame world, is one of FULL service. Panelwrights spent its first year in operation back in 2000 doing nothing but SIPs on timber frames. We have enjoyed solid relationships with several timber frame companies. In fact the growth of our share of SIP on frame installs allowed us to expand our services in 2004. Panelwrights invested in training and tooling to allow us to offer frame erection services to our customers. This move allowed Panelwrights to not only handle every aspect of the SIPs but also include the frame raising. Our position has been to relieve frame companies from the perceived burden of SIPs. Many in the Frame community still view SIPs as a necessary evil, and I am trying to offer a level of service and quality that make timber framers look forward to calling the SIP provider." - Al Cobb

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"For over 27 years here at Panel Pros we have supplied only the highest quality of materials and service. We work with our clients to provide the most energy efficient, durable, healthy building envelope available on the market today. Working with our timber framer friends has given us an opportunity to bring our value added products and services to their already high quality product. We hope to extend to our timber framer clients the benefit of quality products and services that give them the chance provide their clients a better end product. Working with Insulspan SIPs assures our clients that they have access to the best quality SIP product on the market. The integrity of the Insulspan SIP gives the timber framer and their clients, better design options. Our service guarantees our clients that they are receiving not only the best products but the most experienced installation team in the industry. In these trying economic times we hope to re-engage our past friends and give them the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors by relying on Panel Pros to help them bring their clients what they want. We extend our offerings to include floor systems, window & door packages, as well as labor to assist in raising the frame if needed. This is the quality of service that should be expected." - Zack LeRoy

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