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Captain Planet Zero Energy House

Insulspan joins Captain Planet Foundation to build Zero Energy SIPs Cottage

Insulspan, along with SIPA and the Captain Planet Foundation (Part of Ted Turner's Foundation) joined together to create the Captain Planet Zero Energy SIPs Cottage. The cottage was designed by Building Science Corporation, the U.S. Department of Energy's lead Building America team, and was constructed by Certified Living, Inc.

The cottage attempts to answer the question of what a house with the smallest environmental footprint looks like. A house that treads lightly on the land and the global environment while at the same time is comfortable, safe, durable, and has great market value.
The 1,500 square foot cottage was built with floor, walls, and roof panels as part of a systems approach that also includes the HVAC system, domestic hot water, lighting and appliances, a two-panel solar hot water heater and 4kw PV systems.

This zero-energy, zero-resource house also happens to be roadworthy and largely self-contained. The house appeared in numerous locations, including the Atlanta Home Show; the Mall in Washington, D.C.; for the National Park Service and Sustainability Fair, Atlanta, Ga. for the Amercian Lung Association; and the Sci-Tek Southface Energy Institute. \ Insulspan was a sponsor in this project, along with other energy-efficient material manufacturers.

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